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This is the new Knightsbridge 3x4.8m wall mounted enclosed patio cover.

4.8m long (width) and 3m deep. 244cm to the top wall height (96 inches) 2m entry height.

We’ve now improved the original wall mounted concept to now include the clear mica side screen windows and mesh, with a solid lower section to create a garden room look and feel.

With 2 large sliding doors, the door can be situated on the front of the unit or on either of the side elevations.

This superb Knightsbridge enclosed shelter has a modern look galvanized roof that will withstand any weather.

When set against your house it will be giving you a fabulous open space.

Heaters and furnishings can be added inside to create a garden room space.

The Sliding doors are made Mica and from a tight wire mesh as are the side screens to replicate glass these have been added to the sturdy aluminum frame to create a great outdoor versatile space.

Mica is a flexible polyurethane material used widely in Canada and South America to create large outdoor opening buildings, like our conservatory’s in the Uk, this is a durable material that can withstand our Uk weather.

This structure is strong enough to withstand 85mph winds.

The structure will need to bolt to the ground and the wall facia.

Installation is available for this unit. Call or message for a quote.

Simply call our sales office on 0203 8698966

For a free quote.

Need some extra internal space for Christmas.? Heres your quick and easy solution.


Knightsbridge Deluxe 3x4.8 Enclosed Wall Canopy with Galvanised Roof and Sides

SKU: Gal-wall- 10x16
£2,599.00 Regular Price
£2,399.00Sale Price
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