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The Nova Titan 3.6 x 3m Gazebo/ Pergola with Now 100% Aluminium Louvered Shuttered Roof System.

The 100% Aluminium roof is possibly the most important part being as the roof will be the main component for taking the lifetime of rain water that will fall upon it.


To ensure that the 5 year warranty on the Titan can uphold its worth, Its extremely important to have a roof that will never rust.

Unlike the steel roof versions that can be found on line, this upgrade to total aluminium is essential to a product with a flat roof that has to deal with many years of rainfall especially in the United Kingdom, where other countries may get away with the steel roof version, we feel obliged to provide you with the best option available.



The Aluminium Titan with vented opening roof system is available in white and anthracite, it comes in various sizes so that you can easily create cover for any area that suits you.

The Titan Louvered roof Gazebo/Pergola is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid maintenance free construction.

You can position it as stand-alone or connect it to an existing building.

The gazebo is fitted with fully open or closed roof tilting system that locks the blades tightly when closed, creating a water tight flat roof, then directs the water to side gutters that will directly feed the legs of unit.

With the ability to open or close the entire roof you can now choose whether you would like to sit in the sun or in the shade. If the shutters are closed, you’re now sheltered from the rain.

The rainwater is drained via the legs of the construction and will eventually drain from a small hidden outlet at the base of the legs.

Thanks to the Titan louvered roof pergola/gazebo, the construction of a terrace roof is no longer a complicated and long-term building project: The Titan aluminium pergola/gazebo is a smart solution with a long lifespan.

Full Height: 250 cm

Lowest Height: 235 cm

Leg Pillar Width: 11.1cm x 11.1cm

The main frames and vented roof shutters are now all made from toughened aluminium with a graphite -grey or white Tiger powder coating that looks great and adds to the contemporary easy to clean smart look and feel.

The gazebo is resistant to wind up to wind force 120 km/h.

The roof is resistant to heavy loads, including snow.

Shuttered Slatted Venting Roof:

This is the key feature of the Titan gazebo’s unique design.

There is an easy turn mechanisms on the frame of the gazebo that allows you to open and close the roof shutters to allow sunlight and air in as and when required. The mechanisms that facilitate this are robust and built to last so they won’t fail over time.

The Rain Drainage System: This is the clever part – The shuttered roof when closed is completely waterproof but also has drainage channels housed within the shuttered sections which allows excess rainwater to drain off and down specially engineered channels on the inside of the legs and then out the bottom into the ground it’s anchored to.

Minimal maintenance, and colours that remain crisp and vibrant after years of continuous outdoor exposure, even under the most severe weather conditions.

Warranty of 5 years and optional extra installation service available.

Call us on 0203 8698966 for a chat about your location and surface we are installing on.

Titan 3.6 x 3m Tilting Aluminum Louvered Shuttered Roof

£2,299.00 Regular Price
£1,949.00Sale Price
Aluminium Colour
  • 3m x 3.6 Titan Louvered Canopy Sunshade is Convenient, stylish and ready-to-use to cover your terrace in several models with a manal opening and closing roof shutters to give you the choice to either sit in the sun or in the shade.

    Weatherproof frame and roof.

    Stainless aluminium low maintenance.

    Secured to any Solid  Surface.

    Ability to move if required with four people/or when moving home.

    Open and close roof and stop any point in between.

    This will open fully 90 degrees vertically upright to allow full un obstructed daylight.

    Available in two colors Grey or White.

    Full Height: 250cm 

    Underside Frame 235.5CM

    Post Width: 11.1cm x 11.1cm

    3m Deep x 3.6 Long.



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