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SUNS Jill Lamp Stand.


Beautiful and practical stand for hanging lamps.

SUNS Jill Lampstand can be combined with various outdoor lamps from the SUNS collection.


  • Best Quality Teak.


  • Weatherproof Powder Coated Stand.


  • High-quality Polished Teak Base Plate.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Jill Lamp Stand

Aluminium Colour
  • SUNS Jill is a handy stand for outdoor lamps.

    You can hang various outdoor lamps from the SUNS collection with this stand, for additional lighting comfort with, for instance, your garden table or reading corner.

    The stand consists of a weighted base made from beautifull polished Teak with a Powder Coated Stem and hanging Hook.

    SUNS Jill Lamp Stand provides a large span, making the stand very suitable for creating light above the garden table.

    A more compact lamp stand (SUNS Ivy) is also available to offer the perfect solution in smaller situations.

    The SUNS lamp stands perfectly match the outdoor lamps from the SUNS collection in terms of materials and colours.

    The SUNS Jill Lamp stand has the following dimensions.

    Length x width: 173 x 55 cm
    Height: 210 cm

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