Tutti Lounger


Now available in the same style as the lounge set SUNS Tutti, there is the lounger SUNS Tutti. This great lounger with armrests is height-adjustable and optionally available with a soft, water repellent cushion.


  • Water repellent cushions


  • Weatherproof


  • Stainless aluminium


  • Teak armrest

Tutti Lounger

Aluminium Colour
  • This lounger is a sleek, modern addition to the Tutti collection and therefore excellently combinable with the sofa set and lounge set from this SUNS Blue series. The strong aluminium frame is robust and at the same light-weight, which makes it easy to move it. Furthermore, this high-quality material is wear-free and resistant to weather influences. Therefore, the lounger can remain outside all year round without any problem. Would you prefer even more comfort? Then choose the water repellent cushion in the colour Washed Grey or Anthracite.