Dramatic Outdoor Spaces, Modern Appearance, Comtepary Stylish Design, & Practicality combined!


Our self-supporting retractable roof systems with flat fabric roof awnings create dramatic outdoor spaces in both commercial and residential outdoor areas. These offer waterproof coverage for large areas and feature a modern design with minimal framing.


  • These systems span up to 8m in flat projection and can be linked with other systems side by side, to cover greater areas. For the ultimate comfort, these systems can also come equipped with lighting and heating.


Retractable Roof System with Flat Fabric and Frame.

Large weatherproof coverage for large outdoor spaces.
Guarantees all-year-round use of outdoor areas.
Clean and modern design.
Features a flat 8m projection.
Optional lighting and heating integration.
Can be linked with other retractable systems to cover greater areas.

The options are endless and we can most certainly accommodate the most comprehensive design.  See the items listed below and make a quick enquiry using the  quick question forms on the item, then send us your details.

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Retractable Roof System with Flat Fabric and Frame ENQUIRY