Perfect for entertaining guests, the New All Seasons Grey 3x3.6 Gazebo is ideal for providing some shelter at gatherings and garden parties, and a perfect cover for hot tubs, along with pretty much any other outdoor event. It features a sturdy frame, topped off with a lightweight polycarbonate roof, which protects from rain and strong Ultra Violet sunlight rays. The gazebo also comes complete with curtains and mosquito netting which can be zipped closed to create a more intimate, enclosed space. The roof has a ring attached which can be used to attach a hanging heaters or provide some much needed lighting after dark. Our new Grey model is part of the Norfolk Leisure Range we offer and has been given a 1 year warranty. These are a genuine item and not a cheap copy. They are not steel and will not rust, neither has cheaper thinner alloys been used. With this item you will have no problems with self installation.  We hope you have many years of enjoyment from our products like all our other customers.

All Seasons Grey 3x3.6