Form and function are balanced perfectly in the SUNS Nappa lounge set. With rope in the lead role, SUNS Nappa combines unprecedented looks with pleasant seating comfort.


The SUNS Nappa lounge set immediately catches the eye with its elegant incorporation of rope. The subtle and solid aluminium frame is equipped with a weave of high-quality acrylic rope. Different weaving patterns are possible: cross-weave and macramé. This gives the set a unique summer look and it sits wonderfully.


The seats are upholstered with a unique fast-drying material: Fast Dry Foam. This means that after a rainstorm, your lounge set will be dry again in no time. The fabric finish of the cushions is from Sunbrella®. This is a premium outdoor fabric with unprecedented weatherproof qualities. After all, the fabric is water, UV and mould resistant and extremely colourfast. 


The lounge set consists of two sofas, a corner and a matching lounge table as standard. The set can be expanded with a middle section and a larger lounge table.

Nappa Lounge Set

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