Kos Side Table


Elegant and practical looking side tables that are easy to combine with all other garden furniture from the SUNS Grey collection.


  • Durable Stone table top


  • Steel frame

Kos Side Table

  • Within the SUNS Grey collection, SUNS has created an array of items that create a wonderful atmosphere and which give the beautiful sets the extra touch. The elegant triangle shaped Kos side tables, are real eye-catchers and practical in use. The side tables are available in various sizes, so they can also be nicely arranged as a set. The materials are reflected in the SUNS Grey lounge and dining sets, so they always match.

    Side table S:
    Length x width: 40 x 38 cm
    Height: 35 cm

    Side table M:
    Length x width: 60 x 57 cm
    Height: 45 cm

    Side table L:
    Length x width: 80 x 77 cm
    Height: 55 cm