Our Knightsbridge Deluxe 3x3.6m Grey Polycarbonate solid roof gazebo is the latest design in garden gazebo's, They have a solid uv resistant tinted polycarbonate roof, Aluminium powder coated framework for zero maintenance, Full privacy heavy duty rubber lined weather resistant curtains, a set of mosquito netting curtains to let you have day light and deflect direct sun light and keep the insects out. These are a perfect gazebo for dining sets, hot tubs and jacuzzi's and for protecting your furniture. The polycarbonate solid roof gazebo has multiple uses and you will be so impressed with it, you will never buy another gazebo. Wind tested 80 mph - snow tested - rain tested, This Deluxe polycarbonate roof gazebo is 3m x 3.6m This model includes a super strong aluminium powder coated grey anthracite frame, with decrotive features in the legs and overhead beams, decrotive strenghening corner supports, solid steel powder caoted feet with 3 fixing holes in each foot to secure the gazebo down to any surface. 8 seperate medium grey curtains that zip in the centres of each section, and secure nicely to each leg when not in use. 2 seperate tracks run the full lengh of all sides of the frame to allow you to close any side, with either the weather curtains or nets or both. Hard top gazebo's are available in many other sizes to fit most outdoor spaces. Check our video here: >>> https://youtu.be/eZzIaeF_aUM Fitting can be arranged for this polycarbonate roof gazebo, this will also increase your warranty from a standard one year to 5 years. Contact us on 0203 8698966 if you would like a quote for installing the polycarbonate hard top gazebo. or search the site for instal in the search bar on the top of each page. Hard top gazebo's available in many other sizes. Information Notice This Knightsbridge Deluxe Grey Gazebo is the original item we have been developing over a seven year period, there is now a lot of cheap copies on the web that may look like these, but they are NOT the same. We have had the jigs and moulds that make our frames regularly changed to make the build for the customer as straight forward as possible, All the problem issues have been overcome and that makes life easier for the consumer. The frames are made with quality aluminium and not recycled materials, they are fit for the purpose vigorously tested and can be left up all year in the uk climate. (Must be secured down to decking or patio) Our modles have no plastic corners of cover plates or plastic curatain hooks that will go brittle and break. Our quality curtains have hems and seams on all sides with metal rings holes and not fabric loops for hanging to the metal hooks that will last the lifetime of the gazebo. We pride ourselves on our quality products that we have developed, and hope you can see the difference in the details provided above.

Knightsbridge Deluxe 3x3.6 Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo + Curtains + Nets

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