Furniture Cleaner


Suitable for plastic, wicker, SensoTex, aluminum, glass and durable top


  • Strong cleaning effect


  • Antistatic and dirt-repellent


  • Environmentally friendly

Furniture Cleaner

  • The Suns Lifestyle Shine Furniture Cleaner with nanotechnology is a smart and easy-to-use cleaner that has been specially developed for cleaning all hard materials such as plastic, wicker, SensoTex, aluminum, glass and durable top. The environmentally friendly, durable and fast-acting Suns Lifestyle Shine Furniture Cleaner has a strong cleaning effect and is antistatic and dirt-repellent. The product hardly foams, cleans quickly and dries without streaks. Moreover, it is very durable in use. The cleaner enhances the effect of Suns Lifestyle Shine Furniture Protector.


    Shake well before use! Mix 1 cap in 1 liter of water and stir well. Wash the surface with a sponge and then dry with a clean chamois and / or microfiber cloth. Repeat the treatment or increase the dosage in case of strong contamination. The cleaner can only be combined with Suns Lifestyle Shine Furniture Protector.


    Keep out of reach of children.