Robust teak sofa set with generous dimensions, firmly upholstered cushions, and optimal seating comfort.


  • Water repellent cushions


  • Weatherproof


  • Certified teak




As the set is made with premium-quality materials, the Bora sofa set can remain outdoors all year round. The base is made of certified teak, a durable, strong, and weather-resistant type of wood. Teak has a long lifespan and its colour changes to a warm grey over the years, which is part of its charm.


The cushions and seats are made with Quick Dry Foam. This type of foam has an open cell structure that drains off water quickly and ensures optimal air circulation. After a rain shower, your sofa set will be dry in no time at all. The cushions are also covered with water-repellent fabric, so a rain shower is certainly not a problem and they are easy to clean.


3-seater sofa:
Length x width: 300,5 x 100 cm
Height: 80 cm
Seating heigh:t: 40 cm


2-seater sofa:
Length x width: 200,5 x 100 cm
Height: 80 cm
Seating height: 40 cm


Lounge table:
Length x width: 100 x 100 cm
Height: 15,5 cm

Bora Sofa Set