Our Knightsbridge Deluxe Polycarbonate 3m x 3m gazebo with sliding doors on all sides, it is the perfect size for your garden. This polycarbonate gazebo house is great way of enjoying your garden, no matter what the weather. The gazebo is ideal for use with hot tubs and jacuzzi's, as you can shut the doors, sit back and relax whilst enjoying your privacy. Our 3m square Knightsbridge gazebo has a sturdy roof, which is uv tinted and made from polycarbonate and is tinted to allow the garden house to keep cool in the summer months, along with protection from direct sunlight. Our polycarbonate gazebo has 4 foot plates which can be anchored to soft or hard ground, this ensure’s there is no movement in high winds. The corner sections include tinted vinyl windows, surrounded by a strong reinforced aluminium frame, which has been finished in a Grey colour. The sliding door section’s include runners at the top and bottom, to ensure the doors can be easily opened whilst giving strength to the structure. This model therefore will require a clean tidy flat or leveled  surface for the doors to work efficiently.
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3x3m Knightsbridge Deluxe Solid Roof-Sliding Door Gazebo

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