A New ever lasting four season Gazebo that can be left up all of the year, in a lovely contemporary design.

"If it rains the roof and side curtains keep you comfortable.

If it’s cold there’s an attachment for a heater to keep it cosy-warm.

If it’s hot you keep the sides open and enjoy the sun."

Get everything you need in the advertised price with our new 2021 Grey 3x3 solid roof permanent polycarbonate roof Gazebo.

This includes:-

Lightweight, Grey powder coated aluminium frame.

6mm polycarbonate roof which is lightweight, lets the sunshine through and has a UV stabilised tint built in.

Set of four Grey side curtains that run on smooth curtain rails and are zipped in the centres for privacy and weather and fastened back to the legs when not in use.

A ring attachment at the apex of the roof for a detachable patio heater or lighting.
Available to order on the sales line 0203 869 8966

3 x Fastenings on the foot base of each of the legs to attach it to the ground in your favourite spot.

Please Note: The 3m x 3m Economy polycarbonate roof Gazebo comes with a full set of Grey side weather curtains and Mosquito Nets

Please call a member of our Sales Team for further information.


Outside Leg: 292cm
Inside Leg: 265.5cm
Height (to top horizontal bar): 190cm
Total Height: 260cm

Supply Only Warranty standard 1 year


Increase your warranty up to 5 years with our profesional instalation service. 

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Information Notice This Gazebo is the original item we have been developing over a six year period, there are now a lot of cheap copies on the web that may look like these, but they are not the same. We have had the jigs and moulds that make our frames regularly changed to make the build for the customer as straight forward as possible, All the problem issues have been overcome and that makes life easier for the consumer. The frames are made with quality aluminium and not recycled materials, they are fit for the purpose and can be left up all year in the uk climate. Our modles have no plastic corners of cover plates or plastic curatain hooks that will go brittle and break. The curtains have hems and seams on all sides with metal rings holes and not fabric loops for hanging to the metal hooks that will last the lifetime of the gazebo. We pride ourselves on our quality products that we have deveoped and hope you can see the difference in the details provided above.

3m x 3m Grey Four Seasons Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo