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 suns inside or out rugs

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Who says that carpets can only be used indoor? The SUNS Veneto carpets are resistant to heat, cold, rain, and wind so are very conveniently suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The carpets are made of recycled PET bottles. Via an ingenious process, the bottles are processed into a type of fibre that feels comfortable and soft, but which is just a weather-resistant as synthetic fabrics. SUNS Veneto is an eco-friendly choice!

Our carpets are available in various sizes, round, rectangular and square, and in several colours. The SUNS PET Family collection also includes hockers and cushions.

SUNS PET products are made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles. Strong and sustainable.

Strong and sustainable
In an innovative production facility the bottles are transformed into fibers that are soft as fabric, yet strong and weather resistant as plastic. Perfect material for outdoor lifestyle products.

suns outdoor rugs
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